Entry #3

I'm back! :D

2013-05-21 13:16:45 by BlizzardTears

Hey-hey NG! Long time no see. :3

I know - I know, you read like TONS of these "I'm back" posts on NG, but really I AM back. Not sure as to how active I'll be, but I've improved so much in music, so so so many things happened yada-yada. To the point: I'm back, and I'll be submitting a bunch of music in the next few months. Some of them from the past 2 years that I've done, and also some that I'll be doing form now on. :)

For those that are wondering, I'm more known as Dawnscream among the buds, and don't be surprised if songs are submitted with that in the name here and thar. :)

Enjoy whatsoever! :D Life is short, fill it with music.

PS. Here's a penguin munchin on an orange. Your argument is invalid.

I'm back! :D


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2013-05-22 06:39:31

Welcome back! Yeah, life is short, fill it with NG. :P