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spook (ambient) spook (ambient)

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What the...

What's wrong with people so voting this down -.-
This thing here is really amazing . :O
Didn't know you can do such nifty ambience man, I'll sure keep you in mind :)


oddfellowfloyd responds:

Hey mate, good to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words!

Yes, sometimes Ambient just strikes my fancy too, as well as Drum'n'Bass!

Serenade (Electro Mix) Serenade (Electro Mix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Lovely stuff!

Mate, this is friggin awesome. :) Do you plan to finish it?
I would be more than glad to make an extended mix out of it, perhaps even get some vocal on it.

Hit me up if interested. :] Cheers

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Giving (it) Up - Part I Giving (it) Up - Part I

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No reviews, so low score?!

Aww man. This track is pure cheese. Swiss cheese - no holes. :D It's awesome. :)
I don't get it, how someone has the face to rate down something great like this :S

Keep it up. :)

Striltch Striltch

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Rabbit sound from wc3 win :D

Sound very funky. Like like. :D

InvisibleObserver responds:

Big thanks for reading the comments, you are a wise one.

Walk on the Ocean [Schitzoid] Walk on the Ocean [Schitzoid]

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Definitively could see the picture you're trying to paint. I must admit, I also love the colors and shading you are using for it. :)

I downloaded this an hour ago, and listened to it in the car. Was coming to work, and the sun was rising. And passing by the shore, the two elements and your music really created a deep mark in me.

So I had to write this review. :)
You should make more like this.


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landscapers1 responds:

Thanks for downloading! I'm currently working on similar tracks.

~|Forever Gone [Tech House] ~|Forever Gone [Tech House]

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'zis is Deep House my friend. :)

But other than that, track is really well built. Me lovez ;)

TripX :)

Helth responds:

Thanks tripX :) glad u liked it !!!

epic atmosphere (slow-mo mix) epic atmosphere (slow-mo mix)

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Excellent track!

I've downloaded this like a week ago and didn't really bother to review. (Lazy me, shame on me). However, I did listen to it quite a few times, and also listened to it on my meditating session at sunrise at our woodland cottage yesterday. Sitting there on that cliff, focusing into the rising sun and listening to this. I felt entirely lifted... Like, I felt that I'm everywhere at the same time, powerful and grateful .

Very,very nice job on this!

Keep it up, you should make more of these!

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oddfellowfloyd responds:

Wow, thank you, man! This was inspired by Tangerine Dream, hehe, and I wasn't sure how it would fare here, but I gave it a go anyway. Very glad you enjoyed it, and am pleased to hear of its constructive use! :)

Thank you again, for appreciating and understanding this musically, as people can have rather short attention spans if anything extends beyond 2 minutes, god forbid hahaha.

-I'm Sorry- -I'm Sorry-

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Really powerfull...

Mate, I love this... I haven't listened to your tracks for your some time, and when I saw this, I knew I have to give it a listen. I love the emotion and the flow... Just by listening to it, had lyrics popping up in my head fitting the melody.

Really great.

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Mad World -Cayler Mad World -Cayler

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Thank you sir...

This is one of my favourite tracks of all times. I often listened to this back in the time when I was really depressed because of the pass away of a person I really loved.

I, so to say, stopped listening to this track for some time... But now that I heard it again I remember the times with her. Even if it makes me sad, I remember back those days and some way it makes me happy as well. Strange mix of emotions...

And I thank you for doing this. : I

&amp;lt;PS&amp;gt; Antarctica -First Demo- <PS> Antarctica -First Demo-

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Woha, this really gave me a feel of a struggling expedition working themselves through the bone hard desert of ice. :)

PenguinSam responds:

Awesome! I'm glad that image came into view. The next segment has a much more bizzare image, so I'm glad that atleast the fist segment is working!