I'm back! :D

2013-05-21 13:16:45 by BlizzardTears

Hey-hey NG! Long time no see. :3

I know - I know, you read like TONS of these "I'm back" posts on NG, but really I AM back. Not sure as to how active I'll be, but I've improved so much in music, so so so many things happened yada-yada. To the point: I'm back, and I'll be submitting a bunch of music in the next few months. Some of them from the past 2 years that I've done, and also some that I'll be doing form now on. :)

For those that are wondering, I'm more known as Dawnscream among the buds, and don't be surprised if songs are submitted with that in the name here and thar. :)

Enjoy whatsoever! :D Life is short, fill it with music.

PS. Here's a penguin munchin on an orange. Your argument is invalid.

I'm back! :D

All right... The demo song called "For those" which I posted on my "JD-Harlequin" user has been finished. You asked me to finish it... Well, I did! =)

I will be deleting that user, if it's possible, because I've signed a label with this name and I prefer to submit songs with it. I will not stop posting songs on NG, I just won't post full songs from those that are going to the label. :)

Here's the proof that I'm not a liar:

http://jd-harlequin.newgrounds.com/new s/post/79678

"For Those" finished on request

Just Go (final) My introduction to NG

2007-12-30 17:41:57 by BlizzardTears

Hello there, dear new grounds people.
I've been recently started working on a song titled "Just Go"

Have you ever been in a situation, when you thought everything is fine,
that the person you love, loves you too?
That the person is honest with you, and that that person would
do anything for you?

And did it happen, that you was wrong?
That all that were lies?

Well, this is the moment I'm trying to capture with this song...
Read the short story under... the rain has it's great meaning,
and the melody emit the falling of the rain.


It was a rainy afternoon, and he was standing in the rain, outside...
She came to him, looking at the young man with a confused look.
The girl wanted to say something, but he didn't let her...
- Just Go! - he said, as he pointed aside, as pearls made their way down his face.
The raindrops slowly fell besides, hitting the ground, and the boy was again
alone... alone and sad.

Continue :

He was standing there, looking down ... watching the raindrops crash to the ground.
At one moment, he started singing a song to himself, quietly, while walking through the

I can feel it...
Do you hear the music?
That fills us with
Hope from the sky?

Of forgotten (whisper)

An old hug,
A forgotten bird,
A left one, that's me...

Once my days passed by,
By waiting for the life,
But no one came,
On that road to me.

He's voice became slowly stronger and stronger... At one moment,
he fell down on his knees in water, spread his hands and
looked up to the sky singing from his heart, and as loud as he could.
His voice cut through the noises of rain, filling everything.


It was love yesterday,
High in the sky,
Where the blue is
Even more than blue,
And you can't do much,
There's nothing,
You could catch...

The night falls,
And the dream calls,
The world's in silver,
And We're not together.

An old hug,
A forgotten bird,
A left one that's me...

The life is hard,
It's so hard to explain,
I wanted to be with you,
Always with you!

But now... Just Go!

He yelled the last words of his sad song, then
he leaned forward, holding himself with his hands....
And the rain was still falling, and the boy was alone again.

Alone.... and sad.

If you use my lyrics somewhere, please credit me.
If you steal this, you steal my feelings...

I have posted this, to talk about things alike, and also to find people
who are sharing the same passion of writing of lyrics, songs similar
to myself. I am also willing to write lyrics to someone, if he/she wishes
me to.

Please review the music, and tell me what you think.
Thank you.

Link to the song :
(//_-,) Just Go!(final)